Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is Brewify Box and how often is it delivered?

  • Brewify Box is a unique quarterly subscription service that delivers carefully curated coffee-themed home decor items right to your doorstep four times a year, with each box featuring seasonal pieces. In addition to our regular subscription, we also offer one-time purchases on special holidays.

2. How does Brewify Box work for quarterly subscribers?

  • As a quarterly subscriber, you'll receive a new Brewify Box filled with coffee-themed decor items every three months. Each box is thoughtfully designed to reflect the current season and refresh your coffee space with unique and delightful pieces.

3. Can I make a one-time purchase for a specific holiday or occasion, and are those items also seasonal?

  • Absolutely! We offer the option to make one-time purchases on special holidays, and these holiday-themed boxes are curated with seasonal items that capture the spirit of the occasion. It's a great way to celebrate and decorate your coffee space for the holiday season.

4. What types of seasonal items can I expect in my Brewify Box, whether I'm a quarterly subscriber or making a one-time purchase for a holiday?

  • Each Brewify Box contains a mix of seasonal items that align with the current time of year. From cozy winter decor to vibrant spring accents, our seasonal pieces add a touch of charm to your coffee nook or make for a perfect coffee-themed gift.

5. How much does a Brewify Box quarterly subscription cost, and what about one-time purchases for holiday-themed boxes?

  • Our quarterly subscription plans start at $79.99 per quarter. For one-time holiday purchases, prices may vary depending on the special holiday theme. You can find all the pricing details on our website.

6. When will I receive my Brewify Box as a quarterly subscriber, and what about one-time holiday purchases?

  • Quarterly subscribers can expect their boxes to be shipped during the first week of December (Winter Box),March (Spring Box), June (Summer Box) and September (Fall Box) featuring seasonally appropriate decor. For one-time holiday purchases, we'll ensure timely delivery to make your holiday celebrations extra special.

7. Can I cancel my Brewify Box quarterly subscription at any time, and how does it work for one-time purchases?

  • Quarterly subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time with no hidden fees or commitments. For one-time holiday purchases, they are a one-time transaction, and there's no need to cancel anything.

8. Do you offer gift options for both quarterly subscriptions and one-time holiday purchases, and are they also seasonal?

  • Yes, Brewify Box makes a wonderful gift! You can purchase a quarterly subscription as a gift for coffee enthusiasts, and the seasonal decor will add a special touch to their coffee space. Additionally, our holiday-themed boxes are designed to align with the holiday season, making them perfect for memorable gift-giving occasions.